Today, I told the World

Or really, my HKelly designs‘ world.

And I also told my mom… I didn’t want her to read it on the next email she got from the business me.

Today, I told everyone, I’m taking a step back, not stopping, not quitting, just a step back. And in this case a step in the right direction at least for my mental health. One less person you have to worry about snapping! At least, that’s how I look at it.

Ok, so the call to my mom was a bit more emotional than I planned. I thought I had gotten over all the crying crap, but I guess once it starts it’s hard to turn off. I cursed, I cried but I told her that my brain just hasn’t been in it’s right place lately. She took it great, although I’m sure she is worried about me, and she understands at least a little of what is going on inside my head.


Giving something you wrote to someone is a whole lot easier than actually speaking the words and especially the big word, Depression. There I said it again. I hope it will get easier with time.

I don’t want that to continue and now I have to start working on a plan to make life right again. It’s time to find somewhere I can fit in and help people. I’m going to find what I can do to help people and in that way I will be helping myself.

Now, I just need to tell my dad. Lol. I tried calling, I swear, but he is at work now. I’ll talk to him tonight, hopefully before he sees all the social media stuff.

And you know what else I did?!? I decided to take a 24 hour break from social media. Yep, no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (I think that’s all the ones I really use). So until 3pm tomorrow. I’m not checking any of it. I have things to do, a life to live and a brain that needs figuring out. (These posts automatically post to social media, so if you see this and say, “Hey?” I wasn’t on I promise.)

Anyway, that’s all for today.  I’ll let you know how the no social media thing goes. But hey it’s only 24 hours!

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