The Day After I Told Everyone I was Slowing Down

Wow! Yesterday, I told everyone I was slowing down with my HKelly designs business and focusing a little more on me and my mental health. I’m moved by the concern and helpfulness of friends!

Of course, I probably did something I shouldn’t.

Just after I released my blog I decided I was also going to take a 24 hour break from social media. Ok it may not have been the best time.

I think I got some people a little more worried than I needed to, but I needed a break from the nonsense. I mean, sure the crazy cat and dog videos are great, but I also saw friends posting about another woman gone way too young from metastatic breast cancer. I’m not ignoring it, believe me. After all, HKelly designs is donating 40% of all sales to METAvivor until Friday, April 14th. But I just needed to get away.

I also needed to prove I could get away.

Oh and on a side note, I tried to NOT watch the news yesterday and I was just turning something fun on when my husband says I want to see what’s going on, so CNN it was and instead I folded laundry, hahaha.

If you know me, I hate house work, but it kept me from focusing on the news.

So, back to leaving social media, instead of commenting on my posts (of course I don’t know if they did or didn’t because I’m still not on social media) I told people text me or pm me. And they did. With kind words, worried words and just reaching out. It’s amazing what can happen when you talk to people. In fact, it looks like I may be signing up for an adult tap class with my neighbor! Fun and exercise! I loved tap and any form of dance when I was a kid!

I’m happy, I have plans for the day. Going to work on some sewing projects, visit my 94 year old gram and exercise.

I did get a little emotional, though, when I started working on my uncle’s t-shirt blanket. My uncle passed away from cancer recently. But before he passed when I was visiting, I told him about the t-shirt blankets I make because I thought it would be the perfect comfy blanket for him while he was sick. Well, things went a lot faster than anyone thought and he was gone way too early. But I told my aunt, if she ever wanted me to do it for her so she would have something let me know. That day came last week and I picked up the t-shirts. Yesterday, I cut them to get them started. I cried. But I know I’m giving something to her and to all the people who loved him because it is going to be displayed at their climbing gym, Reading Rocks.

Uncle Toms Reading Rocks T

Anyway, enough rambling, I tried to keep it organized, but my brain doesn’t quite run that way, lol. I’ve got to go sew and then get ready to see my gram!

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