I’m doing it, I’m going to be volunteering

I have to say, writing these blogs has been an amazing help to my mind!

Another amazing thing is all the support I have gotten from all kinds of people.

I told all my HKelly designs‘ followers about what I had been going through and was amazed at the response. I received several replies to the email I sent out and they were all pretty amazing.

I received some text messages from friends and family, I even got some pm’s from some. And then when I finally got went back to social media (yep, I went over 26 hours without checking Facebook [I did get pm’s through messenger, but that doesn’t count], Instagram and Twitter)  I was overwhelmed by the the comments and love received.

File Feb 02, 10 52 17 AM

I told both parents, who were super supportive, if not a little shocked, that I needed to do something a little more substantial. I even got to see my gram and tell her. I may have worried my brother a little but I reassured him and anyone else that I am ok and getting better all the time!

Today, I made the first steps in finding the perfect volunteering options. I am in contact with the American Cancer Society as well as a local cancer support group Cancer Support Community of Greater Lehigh Valley. I’m excited to find out what some of the options are and looking forward to helping others (if you only knew, it still sounds strange to me, I used to be such a selfish person, but cancer changed me and in many ways for the better).

I think that’s it for today. I have a busy weekend this weekend doing some fun things in Philly and can’t wait. So, I probably won’t be back until Monday! Have a great weekend!


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