I get emotional, but it’s ok!

I had such a great weekend this weekend, but I’m still a little emotional.

My husband and I did a Prohibition Tour in Philly and also went to see Brit Floyd (Pink Floyd cover band, probably the best out there). It was so fun, we had funky cocktails from the time of Prohibition, great eats and visited some really cool restaurant/bars.  We were in such a funky area of Philly. I haven’t been down in a while and there were so many cool spots I would love to go back and check out! We started off at Time with a Whiskey Punch with a bourbon soaked cherry! Yum!

File Apr 17, 4 56 36 PM      File Apr 17, 4 56 20 PM

Then we went to the concert! Ok, I’m a little afraid of heights and the steps in the theater were crazy steep, but I got over it! The show was amazing as always. I don’t remember what song it was, but all of a sudden I found myself crying. That doesn’t often happen, but with all the craziness happening lately, it’s almost like I can’t help it from bubbling up. Oh well, sometimes you just have to let it out.

We got back to our hotel and were listening to some music before sleeping and another song got me crying. Guess, I’m just at a point where things are coming to the surface. I know it’s ok to cry. I cry all the time at movies, did you see Lion? I watched that this weekend too!

So maybe it has been too long since I had a good cry. Maybe I have been holding things in a little too much. I used to purposely watch sad movies so I could get my crying out. Maybe I just need to learn to let the emotions out a bit more. I guess I have been bottling up emotions since this breast cancer diagnosis. Trying to be strong, showing the world that I can do it, I can survive, I can handle it.

Obviously, there was a breakdown in that theory!

So here’s to letting your emotions show! I have to unlearn the bottling up thing and just be. I definitely think these blogs are helping so I’m going to keep on writing. I’m not writing for others, I’m writing for me, but if some other person going through something stumbles upon these and it helps them then great!

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