What a Weekend!

Hi, I’m back! I know it’s been a couple days, but I was away on a vacation! It was quick but eventful!

Part of my after cancer journey is to try not to let anything pass me by. My husband and I made a conscious decision to do what we can, when we can, and not put it off!

We both have a passion for motorcycles.

Mine started way back when I was a little kid. My grandfather had a motorcycle. He passed when I was only in 1st grade, but one of my biggest memories was of his motorcycle. Growing up from time to time I would say to myself that I would love to ride on a motorcycle, but to be honest, I was no daredevil and never even a risk taker. I rarely did anything that would have the potential to get me hurt. I read my books and fantasized that way.

When I met my husband, one of the first things he said was that he raced motorcycles. It was like my pop-pop, saying, “Here he is, now go live life!”

Well, I did. I rode on the back of his bike and eventually got my motorcycle license. We road on nice Sunday mornings most of the time when there was little traffic.

I stopped riding when we moved to NJ because, let’s face it, the roads are too flat and too straight. I’m not knocking NJ, I was born there.

We moved back to PA and one of the first things we did was find me a bike. I have to say the old nerves caught back up to me and it just never was the right time to ride. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I have decided that riding the type of bike I want to is just too hard. So we fulfill my motorcycle needs by going to watch the best racers in the world race!

We have been lucky to travel to quite a few places to watch them including Europe and several locations in the US before most of those were shut down. Now only one track in the US hosts the MotoGP and it’s in Austin!

File Apr 25, 5 09 01 PM

This year it was a quick trip, but filled. First, our flight was delayed by 3 hours. Second, we did an AirBNB for the first time. Big mistake! The condo where it was, said they don’t allow that when we showed up, they finally let us in and when we got in the apartment it looked like someone had just been sleeping there. All the towels in the place were in a pile on the floor and the bed sheets were a mess.

We were able to snag the last room in a Marriott, and finally were able to go meet friends. We went to the Revival Hand Built Motorcycle Show and met up with 2 of our friends for just a little while and even got to see riders doing the Wall of Death! Our other friends were not able to hook up with us that night, because it was just too late.

File Apr 25, 5 08 32 PM

The next day was the race, Sunday! And what a race. First up was Moto3 and then Moto2, these are both smaller bike classes and fun to watch but my fav is MotoGP. I have 2 riders that I really root for this year and the one, Maverick Vinales, crashed out of the race. Super disappointed because people were saying he could win it! But my all time favorite rider, Valentino Rossi, stayed on the bike. That’s the thing about racing and a big thing, you have to stay on the bike, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you have to stay on the bike! Vale did and managed to pull out 2nd place which puts him number 1 in the championship points! Go Vale!!!!

Heidi Kelly of HKelly designs at Circuit of Americas MotoGP

So that night it was on to Rainey Street. My friend in Austin wasn’t able to meet up with us because she was in the middle of moving that weekend. So disappointed I couldn’t see her again this year. Our friends from the night before met us though. We had fun at the bars and food trucks even if one of the places service was sooo bad. The food took over an hour, a drink took over 15 mins and after so much drama, the restaurant comped everything!

Rainey Street Grilled Cheese

And then I finally got to meet up with my other friend! I was so excited to see her since she moved to California months ago. And not only that she is another girl with a passion for motorcycles and Valentino Rossi! It was a blast of a night!

But then we had to drive back to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport the very next morning! Lucky I don’t get hangovers! I drove most of the way but had to stop a couple times because of my leg pain! And at one point we thought we lost the rental car key. That was a bit of crazy, but we found it, turned in the rental with plenty of time to get to our flight. My husband knows the secret security line that has no wait!

Then just when the flight should be boarding, the announcement comes over saying they are over booked!!! I think everyone mentally groaned and thought about being yanked off a flight physically. My first thought was, now people know how much airlines are willing to pay to make it happen. heehee! Luckily, some people stepped up and the flight pretty much took off on time!

Now, I’m home and the high of a vacation is wearing off. I usually go into that little sad place after a vacation because you are up and happy and having fun then you come back to reality. So I tried to head that off by booking a cryotherapy and compression therapy session at Igloo in Allentown. I’ll talk about that tomorrow! It was crazy amazing!

Anyway, the most important thing about this post is live your life! I can’t stress enough, don’t put off something until tomorrow. If you can do it, do it. I try to do this in my daily life. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always happen, but at least I try!

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