Cryotherapy, Yes I Did!

So yesterday, I mentioned that I took a visit to Igloo Cryotherapy in Allentown.

igloo cryotherapy

Well, first, I have to say it was cold!! LOL! Second, it took my breath away. And third, I’ll probably do it again!

Unfortunately, it isn’t right around the corner. It’s almost a half hour away, so that doesn’t make it the easiest place to get to. It would take quite a chunk of my day to get ready, drive over, do the therapy and then drive home again.

But, that doesn’t mean I won’t do it again. Because that, along with the compression therapy, made my legs feel good for a couple hours after! And that is no small feat.

cryotherapy helps all kinds of pain

Chronic pain is my nemesis with these stupid cancer drugs I have to take. It has caused mental issues, physical issues and a couple tears. So when I hear about things that just might help, if I can (and they don’t sound too crazy), I give them a try.

Like floating. I think I mentioned that before! Sensory deprivation floating was also really amazing and I am definitely going to do that again! If you are local to Allentown/Bethlehem try Metta Relaxation Co. or google to see if you have a local place.

metta relaxation logo

Are you up for it? Let me know if you have ever tried cryotherapy or if you have a fav therapy that helps you!

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