3 Years Ago my Cat & I Both had Breast Cancer


Facebook memories can be a curse or a blessing. This week it brought up the memory of my cat, Breeze, having surgery to remove a lump just as I was finding mine 3 years ago.

Breeze and Heidi Kelly both had breast cancer

I had found a lump on one of my cats nipples and was immediately scared, talked to a friend and then got an appointment for her. Surgery was soon scheduled and happening.

The day of her surgery, my husband and I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon to get my lump looked at. It had appeared on a scar and I felt it few times, then I thought it disappeared. I was at a physical therapy appointment and the therapist felt it too. She said before I get any further into the therapy I should just have it looked at.

The doctor said it was probably just a suture that had not dissolved and had a bunch of scar tissue around it. I was hopeful.

I probably wasn’t as hopeful for Breeze, but still you try to stay positive.

Soon the results were in for both of us. Breeze was diagnosed with mammary cancer and I had a local recurrence.

I spent my next months going to chemo appointments and working on my business, HKelly designs. I even visited my local factory and did a photo shoot. I was getting sicker to get better.

Breeze was slowly declining. She never did well with travel and we knew vet appointments would stress her out even more. We kept her happy and comfortable for as long as we could. Slowly, she stopped eating and I knew it was time.


At the time, Breeze was our oldest living pet, we had her for about 10 years. I spent time cuddling with her some nights on a big recliner because she was afraid of our doberman and kept to her room. She really was a scaredy cat. We would sleep together all night on those nights. I treasure those moments so much now and wish I had so many more. Her kneading paws, her low purrs and her soft, soft fur.

A vet from Lap of Love came to our house and confirmed what I already knew, Breeze was not going to make it and she was suffering.

So in between, chemo treatments, not only did I do some crazy amazing things with my business, but I also said goodbye to the sweetest little girl I ever knew, who basically died of the same thing I was going through.

Just so you know, mammary cancer is not uncommon in cats, especially if they are not spayed at a very young age. For more information you can check out Sugar Rub’s page on Facebook! She is was a big advocate for cat mammary cancer and we have shared some nice talks.

I hate f-ing cancer!

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