40 Somethings Have a Dress Code!! What?!

In the recent past with the advent of so many bloggers and the internet, I have seen more and more of what I shouldn’t wear posts by fashion bloggers and I just want to laugh. I’ve done my research and most of them are younger and probably embarrassed by their mom’s and what they wore.

Well, I’m here to say, wear whatever the f%^k you want!

File Jan 25, 3 41 26 PM

I know, this post has nothing to do with breast cancer, maybe a little, since I have come to realize that life is worth living and you certainly shouldn’t sweat the small stuff!

But seriously, no one is going to tell me I can’t wear graphic tees, or thongs, or high heeled shoes.

File Oct 07, 2 04 24 PM

They aren’t going to tell me to put my mom jeans on and a turtleneck either!

I grew up in love with fashion, thanks, mostly in part to my mother. She was and is an amazing dresser. In fact, throughout high school I would borrow her clothes. Never once was I embarrassed by her amazing style and clothing. Never once did I tell her she is dressing way too young.

She brought me up to treasure being who I am and what I like. She may not agree with everything (my crazy colored hair or my unicorn t-shirt), but she would never tell me what to wear now. As a kid, sure. She made sure we were dressed very nicely. She never let me walk out of the house with a too short skirt or leggings without a shirt to cover my butt, no matter how hard I tried to press the limits. (I was young in the 80’s and 90’s.) She even had my sister and I go to the mall to have our makeup done by a pro so we knew how to apply it. No thick blue eye shadow here!


And now, I thank her for being such a stylish role model. We definitely have our differences in style but she excepts mine and I keep her out of the really old lady looking clothes, lol!

My aunt, mom’s sister, is also a great roll model. She only had boys so when she came into town all we did was shop! Hitting all the cute boutiques and, of course, King of Prussia Mall. Unfortunately, while due to breast cancer and, in general, not the best fitness routine, I’m a little bigger than they are, I can’t wear their clothes, but I can still fit in their shoes!!

So, what I think is going on, is these younger fashion bloggers realize they can get reactions from the group they are telling are too old for whatever. This gives there blogs better placement because they are clicked on and commented on by mostly women older than whatever age they are talking about. Their Facebook posts get higher rates because they are being commented on. These bloggers don’t really care and if they did they will realize once they reach a certain age that they were wrong.

My goal in life is to be whoever I want to be and be the individual I was raised to be, not some follow the pack person, a slave to every single trend, or someone who realizes that she has to “grow up”!

It is ridiculous and the less we comment and more we ignore their silly rules the less likely we will see what someone else thinks we should be wearing!

For some amazing examples of women who wear what they want at any age check out this post, Stylish Seniors!! I know who I want to be when I grow up, how about you?


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