Chemo Brain and So Much Going On

Ok, so there are two reasons I have been a slacker in blogging lately. First, chemo brain, every morning I say to myself you have to write a blog and by the end of the night I realize I have forgotten. Second, I’ve actually been up to quite a bit, so there is a little more than just forgetfulness going on!

I want to talk to you a little about chemo brain. Three years ago today I started chemo. I was surprised at how well I took it. Sure it wasn’t a cake walk, but it also wasn’t all the tv shows and movies made it out to be. I also know that everyone is different and everyone gets different kinds and dosages and so on. But the worst part is that already having a bad memory was compounded by this thing called chemo brain! I used to make lists to help me remember, now by the time I find pen and paper to make the list I sit there frustrated because I can’t remember what I wanted to write down. I even try my old trick, finger crossing so I remember I need to write something down (same as tying a string around your finger, lol). I know the best thing to do would be just to put it in my phone, but you know what, I would forget to look at my notes, haha. One of my ideas is putting into my calendar and setting the alarm, that seems to be the best unless I’m not near my phone and accidentally clear out the notices before I see them.

Do you have tips on how you deal with chemo brain. I would love to know what you do!

File Jun 24, 10 14 27 AM.jpeg

So, as for being busy as well. I’ve been up to a lot lately. My niece graduated high school and we celebrated by going to NYC for the weekend! The next weekend I had a girls’ night in Philly with some of my best girls. I’ve been doing the training to be an American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery and Road to Recovery volunteer and been talking to my local Cancer Community about starting a blogging class (guess I need to remember to blog more!!!!) I’ve also been working on some new bags, some awesome t-shirt blankets. Interested in your own t-shirt blanket and have 16 t-shirts? Email me at

HKelly designs perfect little clutch floral and butterfly      File Jun 27, 10 14 46 AM

…And finally released the 4th Annual Charity T-shirt benefiting Living Beyond Breast Cancer! The t-shirt image was designed by Stori Nagel of Haus Of Volta (also a breast cancer survivor). Pre-order yours today by clicking here.

4thcharity tshirt for Living Beyond Breast Cancer by Stori Nagel

I plan (if I remember) to do more posts on all of these in the coming days.

So here’s to chemo brain and my plan for it not to get in the way too much!!

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