Friends, it used to be an odd word to me. I was shy when I was younger, this doesn’t mean I didn’t have friends it just means it was hard for me to make them.

As the years went on, I got a little better at making them, but to be honest, I still play it pretty close to the vest. I enjoy my people time, but I also enjoy my alone time, a lot!

Friends can be the ones you have had since you were young (easier in the days of technology as I am finding out), ones you make in college (those you usually have quite a bit in common with) and then the ones you make as adults (much harder to make friends as adults!).

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There are some amazing friends who truly standout. One for me, is practically a relative, at least that is how we were raised. Her father was an exchange student with my mom’s family. When he got married he ended up moving back to the states where my grandparents helped him get a job. For the first few years of our life my “cousin” and I were raised as family, they were at all the holidays and family gatherings. Soon, though, his job took him to Mexico and we lost touch. My gram encouraged me to become pen pals with her and for many, many years we wrote to each other as her family moved from country to country. But eventually, the writing tapers off, I saw her once or twice when the family came to visit, but we were getting older doing our own things and school was getting more important. Then email comes around. We would email back and forth every once in a while and I even went to Spain for her 30th birthday. But then work gets in the way. Then Facebook shows up and it opens up a whole new world. One of the first people I searched for was my friend and there she was. We may not talk a lot but if she needs me or if I need her, we would be there in a second.

Vicki and Heidi in Paris

Another is my college roommate! Ha, we have so much in common and soooo much not in common. LOL, we love fashion, but we are polar opposites on what we like in fashion. She doesn’t live that far away, but she has kids and work and you know how it goes. We try to get together at least once in a while. We make fun of each other and how much we are so un-alike. And yet in being that, we are the perfect friends. When I was sick she was one of the first to come visit and stay with me while my husband went to work. We traveled to Paris together during Haute Couture Fashion Week. We can play Yahtzee for hours.

Heidi Courtney and Crystal

Then there are the friends we meet in adulthood. I have a couple of these, some I have a lot in common, some not so much and yet there is a connection from somewhere. These are the girls that do girls night or dinner out or goof around with. Unfortunately, I don’t live close to any of them but when we get together, look out! We are out to have fun and it doesn’t matter where, some dive bar, some classy place or just hanging out at home there will be lots of laughs, a few too many drinks, and a lot of silly stories and memories!

And then there are those friends who I don’t even know personally or just met because of breast cancer. I’ve written about them in a past post. These are girls who all share a common bond, stupid dumb breast cancer. They are a sisterhood that no one wants to be a part of, but yet I am beyond grateful to have them. And when we do meet in person, it’s like we’ve known each other for years.

Grade School friends

In the past few weeks I have reconnected with some I haven’t heard from since middle school. They were the people I hung out with in elementary school and completely lost touch with. I am looking forward to a small get together we are planning in a couple weeks and excited to reconnect with them through Facebook!

Friends, they pretty much rock, and I have come to realize just how important they are. If you are one of my friends, whether I have met you or not, you play an important roll in my life and I am realizing more and more everyday that friends are awesome.


PS. Don’t forget about the 4th annual charity t-shirt benefiting Living Beyond Breast Cancer. I have added a unisex version as well as the fitted v-neck style.

unisex tshirt haus of volta breast cancer charity  4thcharity tshirt for Living Beyond Breast Cancer by Stori Nagel
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