Living Life to the Fullest: NYC

(LOL, talk about chemo brain, I wrote this weeks ago and forgot to post it!)

A few weeks ago my niece graduated from high school and her only wish was to go to New York with family and see the sights! I was excited to be invited and what a fantastic weekend.

My niece really wanted to see the sights: Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty! I was pretty excited about this because, even though I had been to NYC numerous times, I had never visited any of these sites.

Jessica graduated from Norristown Area High School on June 8th and June 9th we were off to NYC. We all took buses although, mine left from Kutztown. Jess did send me a pic of her on the bus though! She loves all things transportation.

We got to NYC, had early check-in at the hotel and we even had rooms next to each other. And not only that but they had a connecting door! So the 4 of us, Jess, me, my sister and my mom, decided to do the double decker bus tour after a New York Style Deli lunch at Juniors. Instead of getting off at all the stops we just did the whole loop. It was a really fun way to see the town and I even passed by the place where I saw a fashion show during fashion week!

File Jun 24, 10 14 27 AM

After the bus we did a little walking around Times Square and of course a little shopping. We had reservations for dinner at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, and my sister-in-law arrived just in time for dinner. We had a great dinner and then because we were with my mom, lots of walking around, lol! (I know it’s good for me!!) We actually ended up seeing a huge full moon rising in between buildings, so well worth the walk and the Empire State Building lit up green, just as my niece predicted.

File Jun 24, 10 15 54 AM

Saturday was our big touring day! We got up early to get to the Statue of Liberty before the crowds and it was perfect timing, no waiting! We took the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty and I have to say, I was probably as excited as my niece for this one! So cool to finally see it. It also included a stop at Ellis Island and what amazing history that is! After getting back to the mainland we headed to the 9/11 Memorial. This was not at the top of my list, it’s almost too raw and too soon, but this was one Jess really wanted to see. I had tears in my eyes for most of this stop. It was a very emotional and moving experience. And Jess really enjoyed seeing these amazing places.

File Jun 24, 10 16 24 AM

Then we ventured into the subway system, luckily we had my sister-in-law, Meredith, who lived in NYC for a little while to help us navigate. (So far we had done buses, Uber and now the subway!) Then Meredith took us to one of her favorite haunts for a late lunch at Press Box. Which we needed after so much walking!!

As an extra special treat, my mom got us tickets to CATS! She thought it would be perfect for Jess, who loves cats! I had seen the show before but was really excited to see a tap dance number (since I’m now taking tap dance classes)! It looked like Jess really enjoyed the show and really that is all that matters.

So by the end of the night we had walked over 22,500 steps!!!!! That just may be a record for me although I don’t really keep track.

Sunday morning was our last day and we had one last place to visit, the Empire State Building. We walked there, which was a bit of a challenge because it was the Puerto Rican Day Parade. But once we got there we were lucky again, no big lines! And up and up we went to the 86th floor! Woo, it was crazy, I’m a little afraid of heights and I think Jess was a little nervous too, but I couldn’t not look out. The views were incredible! You could see everything.

There were two last stops, first I had passed a Desigual!!!! You know me, I had to go in! And then it was on to Black Tap in a New York Taxi (Jess got to experience all the kinds of transportation!) Now if you haven’t seen Black Tap on social media you may be missing something! I was drawn in by images of a Cotton Candy Shake. Now, I have never had a shake, so I didn’t know if I would even like it, but I had to try it. Jess got the Brooklyn Blackout and I tried the Cotton Candy. Apparently I don’t like shakes but it was damn fun trying it and all the goodies on top were delicious. Definitely an experience and once again we only had to wait about 15 mins! So perfect timing again!

Then it was time to collect our bags and say goodbye. We even got the bus station early enough for me to get on the earlier bus! (Again great timing!)

I want to take a moment to thank my mom for a really fun and exciting trip!

I want to congratulate Jess on graduating high school and I am so proud of her for her grades and excited for her because this summer she is taking some time and volunteering with animals!

And I want to remind everyone, live life to the fullest! You really never know what tomorrow holds so grab the days and live them!


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