A Unique Individual: Champagne Joy

Originally posted 10/27/16, Revised 10/4/17

Today, is Champagne Joy’s birthday, however, she is no longer alive to celebrate it. Champagne Joy passed away from Metastatic Breast Cancer. I figured the best thing I could do to honor her is share her interview. Below is the interview that I did with her in conjunction with HKelly designs and Indie Fashion Collective.

As October winds down, some may be able to put breast cancer out of their minds, but for those of us who have had or have it, it is never far away. Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Champagne Joy of #Cancerland. Champagne Joy is diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

There is no cure for Stage IV and we would like to change that.

I was drawn to her the first time I saw her on Facebook (I think you might be able to guess why… hair, clothes, name, style!!). I have yet to meet her in person, but I follow her closely on social media. She’s pretty cool and she is helping out people diagnosed with breast cancer with #Cancerland.

Champagne Joy 2

1. What is your fashion style?

If I have a fashion style than it’s something like post-future-post-modern-whatever-comes-into-my-head. I do believe that in all things fashion we must use the entire box of crayons for color and inspiration, as well as vintage, retro and conceptual for reference.

2. Are you inspired by anyone in particular? If so, who?

My inspirations lie in both Japanese design as well as French, from NYC street style to characters in movies. ‘I like what I like’ usually starts the ball rolling and I find joy in incorporating elements where they seem out of place. I would hate to be in a room with 3 other people in the same outfit – how boring!

3. Do you have a favorite designer? If so, who?

Most of my favorite designers right now are in Harajuku Kawaii Culture/Tokyo – 6% DokiDoki/Sebastian Masuda, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Broken Doll Ken, Listen Flavor, etc.

4. Tell me about #Cancerland.

#Cancerland is a group of women with breast cancer helping women with breast cancer – an A-Team like group of cool chicks who get women through treatment by watching kids and cleaning houses and telling people the truth about side effects and bad doctors. In our ‘spare time’, we document women’s stories and use our voice for MBC research funding. Either end of it leads me to tell you to donate.

5. Do you have a life motto or favorite quote?

We will get better or get better at it.

Glitter as you go.

Champagne Joy 1

6. What is your favorite color?

Black for clothes, everything else for everything else. Just no pink!

7. What is your favorite item of clothing or accessory? (you can be as specific or general as you want)

There are too many to name, each tells the story of where in the world I bought it or what special thing I did when I wore it. Even my childhood memories are retold with the wardrobe listed!!!

I can’t thank Champagne Joy enough for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview. Please check out #Cancerland for more info on how you can help and remember to “Glitter as you go!”

Since Champagne Joy passed, #Cancerland has been revamped and just recently relaunched. #Cancerland also has the “This is Not Pink” campaign and the mission is to “provoke accountable actions towards a cure.”

Happy birthday Champagne Joy, I know you are keeping an eye on all of us and still advocating for a cure.


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