A Night Out With My Breast Cancer Sisters

This past weekend was so amazing, empowering and wonderful it’s hard to put into words everything I felt. But I wanted to share some of the amazing moments with you. Today I’ll be writing about the pre-party for the AnaOno X Cancerland Fashion Show.

Friday afternoon, I got on a bus here in Kutztown and traveled to NYC. I grabbed taxi to our hotel on the Lower East Side. As I  was walking in, I saw someone who looked familiar. I have so many social media breast cancer friends, and one of the reasons I was really excited to go to this event was I was going to meet them in person. So I pushed my usual shyness down and said, “Jamie?” And yes it was, Jamie, who just so happens to be one of the models for the show as well as a fellow entrepreneur of Spero- Hope. And then a big hug to start the weekend off right!

File Feb 14, 2 27 01 PM

So after checking in, I had a bit of relax time before it was time to head over to the pre-party. A lot of rain and one Uber accident later I was at the Juke Bar and being met by a bunch of ladies all connected with breast cancer one way or another. They showed us to our own little private section and we had our own window to the bar some seats and a fantastic time!

Soon I was surrounded by people who I love, even though most I had never met. There was Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo, and amazing artist, Melly Testa, a fabric designer, Jessica of FlatAfterMastecomy, Melissa of MelsCancerDiaries, Kiku Collins, amazing trumpet player, Anna Crollman of MyCancerChic.com, Di Wright all the way from Vancouver, Kim Angell, another one from Vancouver Smile Through The Fog Blog, Sasha Milicevic, Rachel Park of Survivor Moda and Rachel Park Designs and Rach DiMare, a fashion blogger and breast cancer warrior rdsobsessions.com. And of course there were others and I’m sorry if I missed you. Feel free to comment and let me know so I can add you. Some were models in the show, some volunteers and some their supporting.

A wonderful time was had. Juke Bar created two special drinks for the occasion. The Champagne Joy with ginger, vodka, blueberries and of course champagne and the Blue Beth for Beth Caldwell, which had blueberries and bourbon. (Champagne’s favorite color was blue and Beth loved bourbon.) We talked we laughed and we got to know each other. We even had a little mischief. Marianne was there with her trusty eyeliner and started drawing on people, especially some of her fellow flatties! I even got in on the action.

File Feb 14, 2 26 47 PM

It was a great time, but soon it was time to pack it in. We had an early day the next day. We volunteers had lots of work to do and the models had lots to do as well. One, non crash Uber back to the hotel and it was time to get some rest.

Here’s a peak at the behind the scenes at AnaOno X Cancerland’s The Dangerous Ones.

Be sure to check out upcoming posts on the fashion show and the after party!


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