A Breast Cancer Survivor at the Breast Cancer Lingerie NYFW Fashion Show

I am a breast cancer survivor. I am one of the 1 in 8 women diagnosed. I am a woman who lives everyday with the possibility of becoming one of the 1 in 3 early stagers who become metastatic. I am one of the breast cancer survivors who will not be silent.

I am one of The Dangerous Ones.

The Dangerous Ones cancerland AnaOno NYFW fashion show

No, I did not walk in the AnaOno X Cancerland The Dangerous Ones Fashion Show at NYFW.

But I was there. I volunteered my time because I believe in what they are trying to tell the world. We cannot stay silent as 113 people a day in the US alone die from metastatic breast cancer. This number has not changed in decades. Research needs to start at the top, money needs to be donated to those charities that put all their money into research, like METAvivor.

I was lucky to be the one live taping the show for Cancerland, which put me right at the end of the runway.

I have been to other fashion shows and there is polite clapping and maybe a cheer or two, but what I experienced at the AnaOno X Cancerland show was something that can hardly be translated into words.

It was more than just cheering, it was riotous yelling, cheering and clapping as models walked down the runway in all modes of undress. There were some covered up in robes and lingerie and there were those who strutted the runway with nothing but there scars showing.

For someone who still won’t look in the mirror at her scars, this moment in time was something I just have no words for. I feel like I just might be able to look at myself, in fact I have looked just a little bit more. I feel like maybe I could just be a little bit more confident about how I look to myself. I feel empowered to be even more vocal about what the breast cancer community needs. And I feel an unbelievable connection to so many new women. I met many beautiful breast cancer sisters over the weekend and feel as if we have known each other for so many years.

We, breast cancer survivor, thrivers, and pre-vivors have such an underlying connection and if we keep using our connections to do things like this fashion show, then we will make the changes needed to save our Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer Sisters and Brothers (yes, men get breast cancer!)

Thank you, Dana of AnaOno, Mira Sorvino and of course the angel watching over it all, Champagne Joy. Thank you for putting yourselves out there to stand up for what we need. Thank you for being The Dangerous Ones.

It’s time we all become The Dangerous Ones!

It’s time to stop being silent!

It’s time to save our Stage IV sisters and brothers.

I am whole, I am not alone, I am one of The Dangerous Ones!

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