Hi, I’m Heidi Kelly of HKelly designs and now Rants & Musings of a Breast Cancer Survivor.

My journey has been an interesting one. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 with no family history, no gene, and under 40. You could say it hit me like a ton of bricks! But instead of curling up in a ball, I took my life into my own hands. I went public on Facebook to help friends understand and I started HKelly designs between surgeries 2 & 3. Not what most would expect from someone just diagnosed with breast cancer. My sewing machine got me through the worst of it all and now, I guess, I need a little more.

Running a business is hard and I’m not going to stop, but my brain needed something else. After talking with my husband and therapist, I realized I needed to do something more. I found out that writing out my thoughts was important. I’ve written for my work blog, Huffington Post, IHadCancer.com, The Underbelly and more, but I think I was missing a more personal outlet.

I have survived 2 rounds of breast cancer, 4 rounds of chemo, 35 radiation treatments and 7 surgeries. It’s 3 years out from my second diagnosis and it’s time to find the meaning behind it all. I’m working on finding out a way to give back, and not just donating money. I need to help others (and if you know me, you may say, “WHAT!”, but I have come to realize I need to get out of my chair and help others). I’m lucky to be fortunate enough to be able to and to be here to do it.

So starts Rants & Musings of a Breast Cancer Survivor.