I’m also owner and designer of HKelly designs, just in case you are wondering why these don’t mention Rants & Musings. Rants & Musings is just another step in my life.

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Owning Your Power- Pink October and the C-Word

…Coach Robin discusses with “Super Woman” Heidi Kelly, Girl Boss and Designer HKelly designs, what the diagnosis of breast cancer was like for her, being under the age of 40, the first but not the last time she was told… (read more)

A 4 part Podcast, to listen directly, look for the Owning Your Power Pink October on iTunes here. There are 4 separate podcasts!

The Underbelly #InSixWords



How Wigs Set Me Free

I know, you hear it all the time: Wigs are so uncomfortable. They are hot and so annoying. But they gave me the chance to have a little fun and realize, I don’t care what other people think… (read more)


Excited to be featured in the shopping section of Living Beyond Breast Cancer for our 4th Annual Charity T-shirt! All proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer!

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Breast Cancer Grad: Heidi Kelly

“The hardest moment was the diagnosis. I was under 40, no family history and never thought cancer would come for me.” (Read More)

Episode-009 Greatness Project

Episode 9: Cancer, Courage & Creativity: Heidi Kelly

Welcome to episode 009 of The Greatness Project; where I interview Heidi Kelly; a cancer survivor turned business thriver.  Learn how she conquered cancer with some courage and a dash of creativity.

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Podcast #167: Heidi Kelly on Creating HKelly designs

Heidi Kelly joins me on the podcast today to chat about how she created her handbag business, HKelly designs. Heidi is a breast cancer survivor, undergoing treatment for cancer while building her business. She shares how and why she built her business while receiving treatment. We also talked about the challenges of entrepreneurship and Heidi’s tips and advice… (to listen click here)


Cancer and the Cat

I had already been through the ringer, diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 with no family history. I went through four surgeries including a bilateral mastectomy and then three surgeries for reconstruction. Breeze, my cat, was one of my amazing nurses. She loved to sit in my lap, nudge me for pets and purr in my arms. That purring sound is like no other, so soothing, so calming. We had a special connection I know I will never forget… (read more)

Lehigh Valley Area Women Share Breast Cancer Stories- My Motto is: Live Life Now

Heidi Kelly found comfort in her sewing machine.

“Whenever I was feeling good enough, I would sew and the sewing machine was my therapist,” the Kutztown woman says.

Isabelle McMahon of Bartonville, Monroe County, knew she had to keep volunteering at the Pocono Pregnancy Resource Center, despite her health struggles… (read more)

 Rising Above Cancer: How This Entrepreneur Chose to Live Life to the Fullest

One of the last things you would think of is starting a business while battling a life threatening illness. Yet for Heidi Kelly there was a growing business in midst of 2 diagnoses of breast cancer, 4 surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo and 35 trips to the hospital… (read more)

Henna Crowns for Breast Cancer Patients

See Rebekah Randler of Joyful Canvas, Rosemary Steffish and Heidi Kelly talk henna crowns, breast cancer and living life now! (watch here)

Embracing Body Art: Henna Crowns, Tattoos Help Women With Breast Cancer Reclaim Their Bodies

Women diagnosed with breast cancer find strength and normalcy in henna and areola tattoos. Joyful Canvas‘ Rebekah Randler designs beautiful henna crowns. (read more)

Walk of Hope Fashion Show 2016 

Lehigh Valley Mall’s Think Pink Event supporting Cancer Support Community. Watch a quick interview with Heidi Kelly after the show. (Click here)

3 Things I Did As Soon As I Started Losing My Hair

I wasn’t afraid of being bald – I was pretty sure it would all grow back. But one of the scariest things I could ever imagine was seeing my hair fall out in clumps. Do you know those cancer patient shower scenes in the movies? I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen to me. I was going to take matters into my hands and write my own scene. A few days after my first treatment my husband grabbed his buzz cutter and row by row shaved off my hair. (read more)


Thank you for all the support.

Thank you for all the understanding.

Thank you for all the comfort you have given me throughout my journey! (read more)


After learning she had breast cancer, Heidi Kelly made the choice to grab life by the horns and live NOW. Hear Heidi’s story of getting her cancer diagnosis and making the decision to start a “funky” new business and to live life as fully as she can. Heidi is handbag designer, producing one-of-a-kind funky fabric handbags.

Cancer Sufferers Need Positive Stories, NOT “Oh, my mom died from that.”

Having cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. First thought, when you hear the C-word is: “Am I going to die?” Then most of us pick ourselves up and deal with what we have to deal with to live.Having cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. First thought, when you hear the C-word is: “Am I going to die?” Then most of us pick ourselves up and deal with what we have to deal with to live… (read more)

In October 2011 I saw what I first thought to be a bruise.

When it didn’t go away and I realized it was a dent I got a little nervous. After a few months of worrying and seeing TV personalities go through their own breast cancer struggles… (read more)

The Book, Radical Joy

Live like there is no tomorrow is the theme of this book. I was interviewed for the book along with many others who have come out of a major tragedy as a positive person. Featured in a chapter with 2 other women who have been been diagnosed with breast cancer, I am honored to mentioned along side these women who have been through so much! Get your copy here!

Live More, Love More, Dream More

“…’Before cancer I was a pretty quiet person who was never willing to take a risk,’ Heidi says. ‘I thought the most I had to worry about were a couple of scars from my eczema and dealing with allergy issues. I moved through life but was a tad bit pessimistic…’” (read more)

Diagnosis Inspired

“…Scrolling IG (my obsession) one evening, I came across a really cute hands-free wristlet… which I immediately liked and commented on. That started a conversation with @hkellydesigns, aka Heidi, she was an open book! Heidi is a breast cancer survivor and her story really struck me. Which is why I asked her to share her inspiring story here…” (read more)

Video interview with Annarose from the People Chronicles: Storied Women about starting a business while going through some pretty tough stuff. Watch this short video here!

An essay about surviving and moving on from breast cancer. My 2nd Act gives survivorship a voice!


The October 2014 Issue of Berks County Living Magazine and the first October interview for the  Get Inspired Project on